Y-Strap Treatment in Bedford, TX

The Y-Strap, also known as the y-axis strap, is a chiropractic decompression tool. Like hands-on spinal decompression, the Y strap works to decompress the vertebrae by gently stretching the spine thus relieving any nerve pressure that may be present.

Y-strap adjustments can allow you to quickly get relief by relieving pressure, tension, and inflammation for enhanced healing. It’s possible for Y-strap adjustments to help a person end a dependency on pain medication.

Y-strap adjustments are safe if they are performed by a licensed and reputable chiropractor. Part of what makes a Y-strap adjustment stand out is that it doesn’t utilize any manual manipulation of the spine by hand. No twisting or bending is involved. The strap works to stretch the spine by pulling the head along the y-axis of the body. This slow stretching movement, also known as high velocity, low amplitude (HVLA), is the applied adjustment to the individual.

Dr Carl Naehritz, DC & Y-Strap Treatment

Dr. Carl Naehritz is highly educated and skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the spine. He possesses a wealth of knowledge and provides cutting edge advice and treatment for conditions of the spine. He is passionate about providing excellence in care and constantly updates his skills and knowledge with continued education and training. One of the techniques he implements in his practice is the Y-Strap technique. His extensive education and 30 years of experience are why Texas Back Care is the best choice for your Y-strap treatment in Bedford, TX.

Beyond Y-Strap Treatments

Restoring balance to the spine offers benefits. The spine is the primary link between the brain and body. A healthy spine is essential to whole body wellness. Dr. Carl Naehritz takes a wholistic approach to health and looks to aid in improving the overall wellness of his patients in addition to focusing on their specific areas of pain.

If you are suffering, Dr Naehritz is here to help. Call our clinic today to book your consultation and initial exam.